Hotel Mocali

In 1979 Mr. Ramon Vargas Garcia, original of Mixtlan, Jalisco; built 9 bungalows, with the desire to have one for taking vacations in this paradisiacal Puerto and simultaneously to offer the service of lodging to other families. It was this way, since in the summer of this year Hotel Casa Vargas was born.

The bungalows were of very rustic construction, with floor of painted cement, apparent brick, were consisting of living room - dining room, kitchen, 1 or 2 bedrooms, I bathroom, washer patio and fans. With the time, they stopped being functional and they decided to divide them doing rooms of different dimensions.

Ten years later, Mr. Vargas bought an attached area increasing the number of rooms. When Don Ramon died, the hotel was administered by his widow and later by his children.

In 1996, the family Vargas and Vargas decided that to newly remodeled hotel, the name should change. Of among several options they chose "Mocalli", because it looked like to them a simple word of saying and especially with a meaning: “your house ", in nahuatl, one of the autochthonous languages of our country. It stopped being the house of their owners to turn into the house of all and each of their guests.